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"Thank you so much for reading and reviewing my book. I hope that sharing my experience will help transform many lives."  -Jennifer
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So beneficial for women!

Format: Kindle Edition  Verified Purchase

I believe the information in this book to be highly valuable to women who are going through menopause and dealing with hot flashes. I wish I had had it back when I needed it! What a difference that would have made! I can now share it with my friends and family members who can use it. And I still found the information on foods, vitamins, supplements and herbs to be beneficial for me now.

Excellent read

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

This was a fantastic read! Quick and easy packed with so much healthy information. This has absolutely inspired me to cleanse my liver for life not just because I am experiencing menopause. I reference this book for useful tips on a daily basis.

Read this now to be free from hot flashes! A review from a board-certified Ob/Gyn

Format: Kindle Edition Advance Reader Copy

Read this book now if you want to finally find relief from hot flashes! Jennifer Norton has written and created a clear and concise roadmap for any woman who is struggling with the often debilitating symptoms of menopause and especially hot flashes. You will understand the solution by learning about the true root causes of hot flashes. Hot flash news flash: hot flashes are not caused by a lack of estrogen...

What I truly appreciate about this book is its emphasis on the liver as the “silent hero”. Our bodies work so well for us when all parts are working together to support our health. While we have so much reserve built-in to withstand the chronic stressors of modern-day living, there is an upper limit to how much the body can take before we start having bothersome symptoms like hot flashes. After reading this book, you will understand the fundamental importance of supporting your liver health and function. You will learn that hot flashes and night sweats actually protect you, to help you rid yourself of toxins that the overburdened liver can no longer handle as well as in the past. This is so important to understand to unburden your liver and stop hot flashes and improve your overall health. When you begin to implement the tools that the author provides in this book, you will begin to see your overall health improve and shift, and you will feel so much better!

Yes to Reading This One!!

Format: Kindle Edition Advance Reader Copy

This book is full of amazing information sure to help you find some relief to the changes that accompany menopause. From nutrition information to herbs and supplements, readers can discover a variety of solutions that can reduce or diminish hot flashes. Hot flashes can disrupt your life, your sleep and your mental processing- try these solutions!! Well worth the time it takes to read this short book!

Jennifer has done the work for you!

Format: Kindle Edition Advance Reader Copy

Finally a book where the work has been done for you. Simplicity to tackle the big challenge of finding wellness in your life and liver. This book serves as a source of support and encouragement in its information as you journey into healing, and Jen is ready to ride the waves with you!

Thanks for sharing your hard work with us to support us in our journey.

Practical & doable!

Format: Kindle Edition

“This book takes a complex health issue plaguing women everywhere and makes it understandable. The practical and doable steps to help cleanse the liver helped me look at my lifestyle -- both historically and currently – with candor, but without judgement and self-criticism. This book makes me want to treat my body better, for ME!”  - Mary Lou Rollins (age 61)

Wow! Revolutionary Insight into Menopause!

Format: Kindle Edition

Jennifer Norton’s book changed my life! This is info that every woman needs to know! I had no idea that with some simple adjustments I could have such fast relief! Thank you for sharing your story and wisdom!

Easy to Follow

Format: Kindle Edition

The advice is straight forward and easy to follow! Read the info in two sittings and am applying it daily. Have read bigger books on the subject and Jennifer has simplified the process and explained it with the latest findings out there. Thank you Jennifer.   - R. Gifford

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The Hot Flash Solution: Finding Relief That Lasts

Published August 13, 2019

Jennifer W. Norton

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